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The fitness branch is huge and there are many franchising choices out there, but what you need is, on the one hand real value and on the other hand something different to stand out from the competition.

ON the one hand you need a strong brands that deonstrates economic stability and has a success story, but on the other hand you need a compamny that offer growth oppurtunity and huge potential to develop, that provides something really new and unique which will have an impact on the market.

Fit in Time delivers both. It’s a strong brand and the product has a huge success story all over Europe, but it is new to the UAE market and will be the new treend in fitness industry. It is an established product worldwide but it has huge growth potential in the UAE.

If you haev what it takes to be a successful, passionate and motivated franchise, with capbility, commitment and capital, then a Fit in Time franchising can be a fantastic oppurtunity for you.
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