The FIT IN TIME training method provides the innovative development of the electronic muscle stimulation principle (EMS), which is already used by leading athletes, physical therapists, personal trainers and upscale fitness, wellness and beauty facilities.


All programs are based on scientific facts and are developed for the optimum customer benefit and an easy and functional handling.
Stimulating pulses control all your major muscle groups and many of the intervening or underlying muscles. Thus, the muscle gets contracted and tensed much more intense than with most conventional methods.


With the help of individualized programs and your personal trainer you will reach your individual training- and weight loss goals faster and with less effort

Be healthy and fit means quality of life – a new impulse for your back

The electronic muscle stimulation is used particularly in the area of ​​rehabilitation and medical prevention, when enhanced hypertrophy (muscle growth) is desired.
For your joints EMS is a low-impact exercise as there is no weight on your body. Especially by strengthening the deep muscle fibers of musculature of trunk, a significant reduction and elimination of chronic back pain is achieved.

Lose weight and get in shape – Targeted stimulation instead of alibi activity

Fat pads, saddlebags or cellulite: EMS Training stimulates with a current light electronic impulse your muscles, the connective tissue, the metabolism and your blood circulation. Thus promotes the reduction of fat deposits, tightens the skin and builds lean muscles.
To improve the success we recommend to combine the EMS training with cardio training and a healthy diet.

For a powerful body – improve your performance

Whether professional athletes or amateurs, no matter what level of performance, whether old or young, EMS training is the way to improve yourself and to achieve your personal fitness goals fast and efficiently:

– It has a positive impact on your maximum strength
– it increases the muscle growth (hypertrophy)
– you get visible results in short time
– even 20 minutes training are as effective as several hours of intense conventional workout
– the secret of professional athletes, celebrities and fitness models