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Healthy – Strong – Fit

Efficient against back pain. scientific studies prove:

  • Significant reduction of back pain in nearly 90% of all cases.
  • Up to a complete elimination of chronic back pain after 6 weeks
  • Improved endurance and performance of your back muscles in everyday life.

Reduce – Shape – Build

Reduce overweight and slim your body Visible results after just 4 weeks!

  • Body Shaping
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Reduction of girth
  • Build lean muscle

Easy – Direct – Effective

The revolution in fitness industry Get your results and goals in far less time

  • 18times more effective than conventional muscle training
  • Get the results of hours of training in just 20 minutes
  • Increased performance level after only 4 weeks



Fit In Time is perfect for you, when you,

  • want to improve your performance level effectively.
  • want to build lean muscles well proportioned.
  • suffering from back pain and want eliminate chronic back problems.
  • want to lose weight and get your body in shape.
  • don’t have time for conventional training in the gym, but you want a full body workout in short time.
  • want to get fit, burn calories and boost your metabolism.
  • want pre-natal workout to get back in shape.

Fit in Time Dubai EMS Personal Training



Earn The Experience of Challenging Yourself with EMS Training in Dubai

The stimulating outcome of doing fitness training in daily routine can be felt by observing difference in the contraction of muscle, transposition of the body temperature, raised breathing. Fit In Time is amongst the best fitness gyms in Dubai for physical workout.

Fit in Time is Perfect For You

If you want to possess a fit body, build strong muscle, enhance your efficiency level, reduce your back pain, lose weight and get a perfect body shape all in short time then Fit In Time, the best fitness gym in Dubai is answer to all your worries.

Fit In Time serves its clients with several fitness programs based on their individual needs. One of the most common and well-known fitness training of Fit In Time is Electronic Muscle Stimulation. It is an electronic way of losing weight and gaining strength in no time.

Innovative Fitness Training

Now days, people are focusing more on their health, size and shape of their body. A firm and stable body is deemed to be a piece of art. Fit In Time fitness club Dubai is established to provide secure and efficient fitness training for the clients in Dubai.

  • Spend Minutes on Your Workout

No more wastage of time on heavy physical training sessions. Spend 20 minutes with our best fitness coach in Dubai to achieve your desired goal. The enforcement of EMS and customized physical training sessions flourish your body with strong muscles. Using recent technology, Fit In Time assures quality, faster and authentic results in just few minutes.

  • The Ideal Fitness Program

Using the most effective fitness training and EMS will stimulate muscles to get lean without influencing the ability to recover. Fit In Time designs the fitness training sessions in such a way that it helps to burn calories and boost metabolism.

  • Personal Training

To ensure the achievement of your fitness goal, your lifestyle is considered while initiating a personal fitness training program. After in depth analysis of all the aspects of your life, Fit In Time ensures that each individual client produces results.

Transform Your Body With Fit In Time

Through customized personal fitness training, the personal instructor at Fit In Time helps to contract all the major muscles at once along with targeting special muscles transform your body into a well sculpted modal. Fit In Time assures reduction of excess weight along with:

  • Body shaping
  • Reduction of cellulite in the body
  • Reduction of girth
  • Build lean muscle
  • Faster muscle development

Achieve more than just fitness!

Now you don’t need to google the gyms in Dubai or the fitness clubs in Dubai, Fit in Time has a group of highly skilled trainers and professionals who understand the demands of your body. Fitness in Dubai is no more a dream as reaching your fitness goals require individual solution in minimum time. We understand your needs and provide ems training in Dubai with our high technology exercise gears with EMS technology. For this reason our extensive range of services for fitness and weight loss, we create a time friendly exercise that deliver results.

Fit In Time Dubai is a fitness revolution that involves full body workout to improve your performance level.